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These are the minimum requirements needed to get your deal evaluated with 1 - 2 Business Days
  • Property Must Be OFF MARKET - If you Google the property address and it's advertised anywhere online then your property won't be evaluated.....
  • Dealing Directly With The Property Owner  - Or the owner's Broker
  • Commercial Properties ..ONLY!
  • Property Types: Indsutrial/Warehousing, Vacant or Occupied Multifamily, 40% - 60% Vacant Retail Shopping Centers, Occupied Single Tenant, Self Storage, Occupied Medical Office, Occupied Office, Vacant or Occupied Hotels, Vacant or Occupied Mobile Home Parks
  • Deal Splits: Non-Students - 10%  - 50% of Final Profits
  • Upload to YouTube - Get Your Deal Reviewed Faster by Submitting a YouTube Video of the Property
  • Call or Text Me 205-492-3425
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